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There’s a worldwide culture of fake news… from hoax attacks to hoax stunts. These people are sad and dangerous!

We written about it before. Wingsuits. This can not be real. Paragliding is possible, but this is not. Wing suits is a worldwide cultus of lies. The wings can not be large enough to fight gravity. The human body can not … Continue reading

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Another hoax: Wing Suits

Wingsuits, birdsuits or jumpsuits…. It is a hoax. Made by 7motions. Why doesnot the extreme sports world comment on this story? Dit kan simpelweg niet: Small size wings: Het oppervlak van de vleugels is te klein om het gewicht van … Continue reading

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Wing suit flying hoax: How do they do it?

These climers do jump off a cliff, wearing a wingsuit and a parachute. The wingsuit might help to make sure they get away from the cliff edge. Before they are at 300 metres altitude, they will open a parachute and … Continue reading

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So Dean Potter and Graham Hunt did a wingsuit flight from Taft Point in Yosemite Park and died?

Op 16 mei jl. kwamen (volgens de lokale park rangers en de wereldwijde media) Dean Potter en Graham Hunt om, tijdens een base jumping incident in Yosemite Park (USA). Zij zouden vanaf de top Taft Point gesprongen zijn, om te vliegen … Continue reading

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I call it a bluff: Wingsuit pilots flying down Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain (in China) is 1519 meters hoog. Het is qua hoogte amper een berg te noemen, maar heeft wel een aantal prachtig gevormde (sub)toppen en kliffen. Het gebergte is van zandsteen. In zandsteen gebergte zijn er vaak vele kliffen, die zeer stijl naar beneden … Continue reading

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