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Edvard Munch, Theo van Gogh, Vincent van Gogh. Wie is wie?

Drie mannen. Alle drie onaantrekkelijk. Driemaal middelmatig schilderstalent. Het is een oninteressante vraag, want geen van deze drie mannen heeft in dermate iets bijzonders gepresteerd in zijn leven, dat we het er 100 jaar later over moeten hebben. Omdat het … Continue reading

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BREAKING !!! (Help!) Where was this photo taken from? Well… We got him!?

Readers. This photo was taken in Stockholm 7 April 2017, on the day of the attack. A beer truck drove into a shoppingstreet called Drottninggatan. But where was the photographer located? Stockholm, yes. Street Drottninggatan, sure. But where? My guess … Continue reading

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RT: More details of the attacker of the Free Speech debat with Lars Vilks

Naam: Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein RT: One civilian was killed and three police officers injured after shots were fired at a cafe in Copenhagen during a free speech discussion attended by controversial artist Lars Vilks and the French ambassador to Denmark, … Continue reading

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Evidence: Coffee at home, thinking about café Koosje (deel 3)

While my internet was down, I worked at café Koosje. Everytime I was there “they” followed me. Agents follow me 24/7, so that the royal family feels they can control my life (at least they try). On 10 Sept 2013, … Continue reading

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