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Another attack in London, June 3 2017. This time London Bridge.

At around 21:58 BST (so 22.58h CET or 2 before 23h), a white van (Renault Master) drove on the pavement of London Bridge (in London), hitting people walking the pavement. It was travelling in Southern direction. The van came to a halt, just south … Continue reading

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Munich shooter on 22/7 at 17.52h – 9 people dead (so they say)

  I am almost too tired to analyze all the details again, before having an opinion. In 1972, Munich was had a terror attack against the Israeli Olympic team. It happened on 4 and 5 september 1972, in Building 31 of the … Continue reading

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One question: How could the co-pilot know the pilot would leave for the bathroom? (it is a short flight)

The final moments of the Germanwings flight is confirmed by the recording of the “Cockpit Voice Recorder,” on one of the A320’s two black boxes. This recorded the sounds and conversations in the cockpit. Its contents were described in detail by … Continue reading

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They say the German co-pilot was depressed. And others say the whole story can not be true.

Below the news coverage on the police investigation and the mental illness of the co-pilot. An Air France captain has doubts about the flight analysis. And he is able to explain this on French mainstream media. Een aantal opmerkingen waar ik nog over moet … Continue reading

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Copenhagen attacks: The weapons, bullet holes, lay-out… Why not aim the attack directly at Lars Vilks as the media tells us? (part 1)

This is a reconstruction of local media: link. Why attack the main entrance?   This article provides a good summary of the overall story presented to us: link. “Saturday at approximately 15:33 a perpetrator shot, with an automatic weapon, towards … Continue reading

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UK Muslim Leader Calls ‘Jihad John’ a “Beautiful Man” – Blames Britain for His Turn to ISIS (Video)

Ik vraag me af wie er allemaal meedoen met een toneelstukje en wie er echt geen idee hebben wat er werkelijk aan de hand is.  Prominent UK Muslim Asim Qureshi spoke with Jon Snow today about Mohammaed Emwazi after he … Continue reading

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ISIS executioner is identified as former University of Westminster student from a respectable London family

The Islamic State executioner known as ‘Jihadi John’ was today identified as a university graduate from London (born in Koeweit). Mohammed Emwazi, 27, of Queen’s Park, west London, who studied computer programming at the University of Westminster, is believed to have … Continue reading

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RT.com says Busted: Kiev MPs try to fool US senator with ‘proof’ of Russian tanks in Ukraine (PHOTOS)

http://rt.com/news/232067-fake-photos-russian-army/ MPs in Kiev hoodwinked a US senator, presenting his office with photos of columns of Russian military hardware allegedly roaming Ukrainian territory. The photos turned out to have been taken during the conflict in South Ossetia back in 2008. … Continue reading

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Het meest schokkerende van alles: Moslims zouden onder de indruk zijn van onze media.

After focussing for many years on terror attacks in logistical centres with many people present (trainstations, busses, metro’s), we now see a shift towards attacks on media outlets of the so-called “free press”. Why? Why would moslims change their tactics? Most western newspapers … Continue reading

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Documentary on the MH17 plane crash in Eastern-Ukraine

Wat een poppenkast. Zou Rusland van tevoren ingestemd hebben met de poppenkast afhandeling?

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Analysis on Paris attacks, terrorism and how it is used in global politics (in UK language)

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The attacks in Paris. Just done. And used to set us up for a world government.

They are hardly hiding it. It seems one big show statement, like the loss of the MH17 was. This is not a country dedicated to finding “those who did it”. I am not afraid of terrorist attacks, but I am afraid … Continue reading

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