Story Fred de Brouwer

freddebrouwerFormer journalist Fred de Brouwer was killed in a suspicious traffic accident. I studied the facts in Thailand. In my opinion this was a professional hit.

Former journalist Fred de Brouwer no longer is alive. He died just a few hours after being run-over by a car on the Sukhumvit road, a few miles South of Pattaya (Thailand). I talked to more than 25 witnesses and studied the conditions locally. This was a professional “accident”, conducted by well-trained hitmen.

On March 14, he left the Holland-Belgium-House in Pattaya at about 20.00h. After visiting a doctor’s clinique on Huang Yai Road (his partner works there), he continued on the Sukhumvit Road towards the town of Bang Saray where he lived. Around 21.00h he was hit by two cars (Sukhumvit at the crossroad with the road to Wat Yuang).

A rescue team brought him to a small hospital next to the Wat Yuang temple complex. By the time his partner had arrived and could confirm they had enough cash to pay for the private clinique Bangkok Hospital in Pattaya,  they left to go to Pattaya. Unfortunately, he then had another heart attack. This is why they turned around and went back to the small hospital at Wat Yuang. Unfortunately, they could not help him there.

  1. Fred de Brouwer drove by scooter on the Sukhumvit road from Huay Yai to Bang Saray (South of Pattaya). Given the damage to his scooter, he fell after being hit by a car that pushed the back of his scooter (right side). After he had fallen down, he was run-over by a second car.
  2. Yet, De Brouwer had fallen down on the left side of the road, with 75% of his body actually outside the driving lane. The car that drove over him, was thus driving outside the driving lane. As the exact location of the incident was also a crossroad, driving outside the driving lane does not make sense.
  3. Fred was worried for possible attempts at his life the last few months of his life. He had noticed men posting in front of his house in Huay Yai. Six weeks before he died, he discretely moved to a more secure location in Bang Saray, a gated community. He asked a neighbour: “If anyone asks where I moved to, can you tell them you don’t know?”
  4. Fred de Brouwer considered travelling to The Netherlands to tell what he knew about the Demmink case. He would have been a key witness in the Demmink case. De Brouwer had seen more in Prague than had so far been published, according to a close friend. Because of that, he was a threath.
  5. Three weeks after he had moved to Bang Saray (so 3 weeks before the ”accident”), his former house was visited by two Thai men and an older lady in a black car. They questioned the new renters agressively about the whereabouts of Fred de Brouwer. The new renters felt it was a threathening situation and recognized the three as Bangkok maffia.

The circumstances around his death are alarming. The local police at Na Tjom Tien investigated the case and decided it was not just simply a tragic accident. The Dutch embassey in Bangkok and the Dutch police representative in Bangkok are wel aware of this, yet somehow did not push for a thorough indepth investigation. With some exceptions, the media also didnot give the matter the exposure it deserves, on the contrary.

Some openly doubt it was more than an accident. To them I say:

  • Yes, there are many traffic accidents in Thailand (so, the police doesnot look into it).
  • Yes, scooters often manoevre dangerously (but Fred was an experienced driver who -the police pictures show this- was driving simply on the left side of the road).
  • Yes, many cars ‘hit & run’ in Thailand (but the car could have avoided him, by either driving in the middle of the lane or by stopping in time).

Fred de Brouwer was afraid the last few months of his life. When we ignore the murder of journalists and witnesses, we loose more than remarkable people. We can not accept a loss of the freedom of press and a just justice system.

13 Responses to Story Fred de Brouwer

  1. Schoorsteen says:

    If Freddy is not named Heineken, we call him The Brewer 🙂

  2. Schoorsteen says:

    Maud, if you get a similar deal, let’s have a beer together ! The weather is nice overhere, and I am still single 😉 All the best, love you Maud !

  3. NN says:

    even een vraag sinds wij weten ineens van hoe alles werkelijk 3x dubbelgelaagd fake is vaak iig.
    is hij wel echt dood? want waarom zouden ze een krijtstreep lichaam op een kruispunt tekenen, als het een ongeluk zou zijn en als hij niet dood is op dat moment. Je tekent dat lichaam om een persoons lichaam heen maar dat doe je niet als iemand nog leeft en de ambulance er is. Dat is raar. Fotos maken kan, maar krijtstreep tekenen om een lichaam heen als hij leeft en door ambulance geholpen wordt is héél vreemd.

  4. NN says:

    Also, Fred de Brouwer should know Demmink is a fake case. Hoax.
    Didnot say a thing.
    So is he really like Ruud de Ranitz? 🙂

  5. NN says:


  6. Kaskaas says:

    Die Fred de Brouwer zal dan ook wel een nepper zijn en daar heb jij dan al je tijd weer ingestoken.

  7. anoniempje says:

    anoniempje , heb Fred gekend, heeft vroeger voor Nieuwe Revue gewerkt, voor ik hem kende, als ik het goed heb

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