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Robbie Williams is such a show-off !

Can the real Robbie Williams please…. finally….  sit-down! The entertainment industry is a fake world. Below video has always been a bit odd. Robbie Williams. She’s the one.     And in above video, we see the first male skater … Continue reading

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What a fake fucked-up conversation

Most of these women in Hollywood are trannies. Women who are succesfull in the entertainment business, they are born into wealth en never get harrassed. Often the opposite, they organize for their (not famous) “friends” to be harrased. Also, women, … Continue reading

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Anne-Margriet, a Peter Lusse look-alike (Vrienden voor het leven)

We conclude, not only do celebrities hang-out together, their look-alikes also are a close circle of friends. It reminds me of the Dutch series “Vrienden voor het leven”.     “Vrienden voor het leven” Peter Lusse, looks a lot like … Continue reading

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Hans van Vondelen. Sorry hoor, maar is dit echt dezelfde jongeman?

The Shorts. Zogezegd gewoon jochies uit Leiden, die tot hun eigen verbazing een enorme hit scoorden. Comment ca va. Een zeer bekend liedje uit 1983. Ze hebben daarna nog wat platen uitgebracht. Hieronder de video van The Shorts zoals we … Continue reading

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Michael Hutchence is maybe still alive?

Michael Hutchence, lead singer from INXS. According to the media, was born in 1960 and died in 1997, on november 22 in Sydney Australia. We know two things about Illuminati celebrities. First, they sometimes fake their own death, to move … Continue reading

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Michael Hutchence. Oh boy oh boy. He really looks like this Boer & Croon consultant.

Of course it can not be true. A Dutch man around forty at Boer & Croon in 2008. And Michael Hutchence (INXS) died Illuminati style in hometown Sydney Australia on 22/11 in 1997 in a hotel room on Cross Str … Continue reading

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The song “Living Doll”… what was that about?

Cliff Richard and the Young One’s. Living Doll. Some say the song is about drugging girls so she becomes “your girlfriend”. We are not sure, but it has some hints in that direction: freedom moped, living doll, the hammering down … Continue reading

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Antonie Kamerling en Danny de Munk. Een open en eerlijk interview? Not that sure.

Musical Elisabeth. Danny de Munk en Antonie Kamerling. Ze zeggen elkaar amper te kennen en een geheel andere achtergrond te hebben. Alles is toneel op tv. Alles. Zelf vinden ze dat heel leuk. Iedereen in de maling. Als u het … Continue reading

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Some people who are known worldwide look so similar, they must be identical twins? Or family?

Princes Laurentien of the Netherlands. Prince Albert from Monaco.  President George Bush jr and criminal Charles Manson Kurt Cobain and actor Eddy Cahill of Crminal Minds Joran van der Sloot and actor Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds Marc Dutroux (Belgium … Continue reading

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GTST, na Medisch Centrum West, dé eerste echt populair gemaakte soap serie van Nederland in de 1990s…

Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden. De cast in 1991-1992. Een groep van 21 vooral jonge acteurs. Het rare is, hiervan zijn er ondertussen meerdere overleden, waarvan drie zeer jong en op een wijze waaraan veel aandacht is besteed in de media. … Continue reading

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