Terreuraanslag op Kerstmarkt in Strasbourg, Frankrijk (ongeveer 3km van EU-zetel): 3 doden en 13 gewonden

Chérif ChekattHet kan opnieuw een hoax zijn, maar wellicht is het deze keer wel echt gebeurd. Straatsburg in Frankrijk (vlakbij de Duitse grens).

De vermoedelijke dader is de 29-jarige Chérif Chekatt [CC-alert], die geboren is in Frankrijk maar zou zijn geradicaliseerd. U ziet een foto van hem rechts. Dinsdagavond 11 december omstreeks 20.00 uur schoot de schutter met een automatisch wapen in op bezoekers van de kerstmarkt [11/12-alert].

Er zijn drie of vier doden gevallen (berichtgeving varieert). Geen Nederlandse slachtoffers. Twaalf mensen raakten gewond.





Onderstaande video geeft een goed overzicht van wat er gebeurde.



Klassiek verhaal. Open grenzen én extreem-linkse tolerantie met linkse propaganda. Daarna hoax terreuraanslagen met slecht nieuws over moslims, zodat er tweespalt in de samenleving komt. Mensen, de meeste moslims zijn vredelievende mensen, die net als u en ik gewoon ergens rustig willen wonen en werken met hun gezin. Deze aanslagen zijn 9 van de 10 keer nep, puur om tweespalt te zaaien in de samenleving. Zeg ik dat het een goed idee is om de grenzen zo open te houden? Nee, want Nederland is overbevolkt en het is in ons eigen belang om de autochtone Hollandse cultuur als de meest sterke en dominante te behouden. Bovendien immigreren vooral de freemason moslims naar Europa, wat qua cultuur juist geen goede combinatie is. Dus: matigen van de immigratie én zeker matigen van het geloof in berichtgeving over moslimterreur.

ps. De schietpartij vond plaats aan de Rue des Orfevres (Zilversmeden straat) niet ver van Place du Temple Neuf, nadat hij was aan komen lopen vanaf de Pont du Corbeau (Ravenbrug).  

About maudoortwijn

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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26 Responses to Terreuraanslag op Kerstmarkt in Strasbourg, Frankrijk (ongeveer 3km van EU-zetel): 3 doden en 13 gewonden

  1. Emma says:

    for a second I thought CC is played by Jon Snow but no, I think not
    so who played CC is this story, nah fooks, what you think?

  2. Emma says:

    This is the street where it happened, the main shooting at the civilians (later on there were 2 shootings with the police on other locations, as it became a manhunt)

  3. Bosgeus says:

    Hij is ontsnapt.
    En het was een Marokkaan; wat opzettelijk geheim wordt gehouden door de Nederlandse media natuurlijk. Dus ik heb er alle begrip voor, dat ik die achtergrond niet terug vindt in het artikel.
    Wilders zou een gelijk gegeven worden door de propaganda, dat zal niet gebeuren!

    Tsja, ISIS strijders mochten vluchten, voor een terechtstelling door Syrië, naar Europa, dus er zullen nog wel meer van dat soort aanslagen komen.

  4. Who s that guy says:


    so who is this guy?
    does he look like any actor or actress?

    big lipsw and big nose, so maybe a jewish or black guy/girl
    narrow mouth and limited jaws, eyes like a girl, so perhaps an actress?
    since it can not be a mocca man, it must be either, blond, black, or girl !!!

  5. Who s that guy says:

    it is not justin bieber, kit harrington or so.

  6. Who s that guy says:

    nor is he the vampire slayer

  7. Who s that guy says:

    de binnenkant van de ogen is et oogpotlood zwart gemaakt, waardoor het lijkt alsof hij dat randje tussen oog en wimper niet heeft. Wenkbrauwem zijn erg donker gemaakt, deze gast draagt make-up.

  8. Pim en Theo zaten in een bootje says:


    so now we know.
    a 4th victims died.
    number 5 is the terrorist CC, who was killed now.

  9. Pim en Theo zaten in een bootje says:

    A fourth victim has died following the gun attack on the Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg, the Paris prosecutor’s office has said.

    He was named as Italian journalist Antonio Megalizzi by Italy’s PM.

    The suspect in Tuesday’s attack, Cherif Chekatt, was shot dead by a police patrol after he opened fire from a doorway on Thursday evening.

    The Christmas market reopened to the public on Friday and was visited by President Emmanuel Macron.


    so 1 victim is a journalist.

  10. Victims Strasbourg says:

    1, Journalist Mr Megalizzi was in Strasbourg covering the plenary session of the European Parliament for Europhonica radio. he died.

    2, A Thai tourist, identified by media in Thailand as 45-year-old Anupong Suebsamarn, was the first to be confirmed dead. Thai foreign officials confirmed that one of its citizens had died while on holiday.Thai media said he had only recently arrived in France, and had been killed by a gunshot wound to the head on rue des Moulins.

    3, Kamal Naghchband, an Afghan national, died of his wounds, his local mosque in Strasbourg announced. The mechanic and father of three was hit in the head and fell into a coma, the Grande Mosquée Eyyûb Sultan said on social media. He had been walking towards the city centre with his family.

    4, On Thursday, French authorities said a third person had died. Previously, the mayor of Strasbourg Roland Ries told French TV that a local resident, born in 1957, had died on rue des Chandelles. He provided no further detail, though French media reports said he was a recently retired former bank employee.

    5. person now in coma. Artist’s space La Maison Mimir told Dernières Nouvelles D’Alsace that a musician was shot in the neck while out performing and was now in a coma. A guitarist who was also performing was also hurt, but not as seriously. French newspaper L’Est Republicain said that 28-year-old Jérémy Raoult from Vosges had been in intensive care and put in a coma, though it is not clear if he is the same injured musician referred to be La Maison Mimir.


    so as far as we know, the professions are journalist, former banker, and musicians. well again the professions very common for freemasons. let us guess: the other victims are teachers?

  11. Jon Snow is now dead says:

    They say they now killed Jon Snow
    Do you believe them
    Have a look.

  12. Jon Snow is now dead says:

    anyone on tv is a total fucked uninteresting whore, born in uberrich families with zero talent.
    they are on tv because they are empty vessels
    not worthy of our attention, third class undermenschen.
    all these socalled terror stories are hoaxes with whores as terrorists and whores as victims.
    we do not need these people in europe
    let them live in especially created lepra camps where they will never be let out
    to avoid scams, we need RFID chips and 24/7 cams online, so everyone in the world can check how these whores are indeed locked up for life.
    these people want the atention and ust free food and fuck the whole day, so for them it is a lifelong holiday, but that is oke with us, as long as they are elimitated from the real world

    and yes, they guy looks like jon snow with extra make-up and eyes wide open
    tell them winter is coming for the fake fuckers

  13. Jon Snow is now dead says:

    most actors in hollowwood are really european actors anyway, well european jews mostly. they create a fake hollowwood identity with a different hair colour so they will not be recognized at home in europe. they dont even live in hollowwood. most films are made in europe anyway. hollowwood is where porn is created and actors who have no clue who want to be famous are lured to hollowwood, so they will be abused in the porn industry, while hoping for a career in movies, but they will never get one, as hollowwood stars are all from the uberrich families.

  14. Jon Snow is now dead says:

    and they have make-up that is so good, a 50 year old will look like 22 years old. people can not guess the real age of movie stars. you will not recognize them without make-up. seriously.

  15. Jon Snow is now dead says:

    kit harrington

  16. Jon Snow is now dead says:

    1 out of 3 movie stars is transgender we guess
    90% lies about their country of origin
    95% lies about who their real partner in life is
    95% lies about their family backgrounds (my dad was a factory worker and died when i was 10 years old…. all lies stories like that)
    50% lies about their children

    celebrities telling about their personal lives, it is always total bullshit.
    these people are all born in the same families and they tell lies to cover that up
    also, when telling lies about who they really are, it allows them to have a personal life.
    nobody believes many hollywwod stars are really dutch….

  17. Sneu hoor says:

    fijn een kerst zonder vieze luiers en gehuil.
    sneu als je dat allemaal alleen moet doen zeg.
    zeker met kerst kan je niet eens een nanny krijgen die het een dagje over neemt.

  18. Sneu hoor says:

    verveel me

  19. this far south of the wall says:

    Any crow that comes to kings landing (eu) is bad news.

  20. Eddie Kurt Sjoerd Niels etc etc says:

    age 45 yrs
    these fake jews still lilke to play fake fucku-op tetrrorits
    as this what tehy are an dthey like t play
    lies and cheats and lies some more

  21. Dancing babies says:

  22. Dancing babies says:

  23. Unhealthy hab-bits says:

    I noticed how towards europeans all media is about having less kids and eating less meat etc etc. While the same media people, advocate open borders for newcomers. They all know these newcomers are coming form countries and families, where they have lots a children, of which they send 2 of the kids per family towards the west so these 2 kids can send money home later on. The biggest growth in population in terms of birth, are from countries that immigrate into the Western world (India, Marocco, Turkey etc etc). Population growth in the West, is immigration We would have a ballanced lifestyle, if not for immigration. And the countries that have their kids emigrate, they dont give shit about having less kids for environment balance bla bla bla. They have more kids, so they can send some of the kids abroad.

  24. larsaussie says:

    A False flag does not exclude the physical event actually happened. It only indicates that the actual goal has another source than it appears to have…

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