Transgender investigations, as celebrities are almost always faking their identities

Most celebrities are faking their identities. Almost everything they say on tv is a lie. Telling lies as a way of life, Babylonian. One lie is the sex change.

Leonardo diCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp might be females. Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz, and Sarah Jessica Parker might be males. Most transgenders on tv did not have “the operation” done. They are “just” taking hormones, changing their make-up/hair styles and wear special clothes, to hide their real gender and/or backgrounds. For show, they fool people in the media, but at home they can enjoy their original gender anonymously, especially when they stop taking hormone pills.

Below video explains well what the differences are in physical appearances between men and women.




About maudoortwijn

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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9 Responses to Transgender investigations, as celebrities are almost always faking their identities

  1. Willeke Drost Chocoladeletters says:

    • mwhaaahaaahaa hoho says:

      pink is toch een lelijk wijf
      ik ken haar hele muziek niet
      maar al die beelden van haar
      wat een lelijke trannie hoer is “het”

      in de homo cultuur vinden ze haar vast heel geil, maar die vinden alles geil wat fout is
      de homo cultuur is ook helemaal voorstander van oostblok hoerenkinderen die zichzelf verkopen voor een slaventarief. homos zijn 9 van de 10x mest-mannen, dus dan weet je het wel. in homokringen wordt pedofilie vaak gedoogd want extreme seks en geweld is ok

      ga er maar vanuit dat de meeste vrouwen in popmuziek trannies zijn. spice girls? not so sure. madonna? think again satanism. lady gaga? you must be nuts. the entertainment industry is extreme conservative against women.

  2. Hill in brand naturellement says:

    Hill in Brand
    sophie heeft een mannelijke kaaklijn
    die vriend hoe heet ie heeft een vrouwelijke kaaklijn (kleine tanden ook)

  3. Hill not on fire naturellement says:

    ogen van sophie zijn vruwelijk
    ogen van waldemar want zo heet ie zijn mannelijk

  4. Hill not on fire naturellement says:

    sophie is naakt in de film geweest en dit is een vrouw
    punt uit
    niet iedereen is transgender
    als je 1 kenmerk ziet dat niet klopt, ben je geen trans
    als er 5 kenmerken zijn die niet kloppen…. dan mag je het je afvragen
    wel is iedereen in de media vies en fout op een hele erge manier

  5. Fake elite says:

    the fucking fake elite
    i dont listen to them
    they even claim pasta is best al dente
    nobody belives that
    pasta is clearly best when properly cooked
    they are liars

  6. fake fuck fools says:

    all software and internet and media and whores and human trafficking and politics
    it is owned by jews
    jews do not add vaue
    jews do not work in business
    jews work only work in media and politics
    and jews have no other skills or desire
    they ARE MEDIA
    jewish culture is mass media, the nudity and agressision, and cheap jokes: jews
    they have mothing else to offer the world
    their only aim is to concur the wolrd, bnot by figtng bnut by politics
    the do not like human rights orliuberal society or civil rights
    they like media pwer for the jews and leftwing mind control
    western europe should be destroyed like eastern europa back then
    we should see it coming but some dont
    some fucked up people are tooopo brainwashed to see it
    I hate discrimination
    this is why I fight hose who discriminate
    pleasee try and understand

  7. Terror Kirk Meg Robbie says:

    So what if, Kirk Cameron is a son from the uberrich and famous families?
    What if, Kirk Cameron also played Meg Ryan?
    And what if, Kirk Cameron also plays Robbie Williams?

    This is who they are. They can skintone, add or loose weight, take hormone pills to change the male2female looks, train like hell on fitness or get super skinny. They transform and deceive us. For them, life is a game.

  8. Satanoists says:

    All celebrities are satanists and traitors.

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