Odd, some people look so much alike, for instance Paula Yates (UK) and Piet (NL)

Some people really look alike. Paula Yates for instance. The UK tv presenter, who married Bob Geldof (Band Aid) and later on had a child with Michael Hutchence (INXS). Piet on the other hand, is a Dutch guy and works as an ICT-manager in the GGZ-sector in the Netherlands. Of course this can not be really the same person, as Paula Yates (41) is said to have died of an overdose in 2000, Jimi Hendrix style. We have no reason to believe this is the same person, but they really look alike.

Left Paula Yates. Right Piet from the Netherlands. 


In terms of physical appearance it could be possible. Piet is smaller than 175 cm. Same age range. And he does not have (typical male) broad shoulders. Also, we could not find a picture of him showing his Adam’s apple.


Below an interview between Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence (UK).


Piet in 2013 ICT in GGZHow we found this guy Piet? Well, we started to analyze Maud’s contact list of people she knew in the past and looked them up online. We looked careful at the guy, since Maud claims Illuminati types followed her in the past. He looked familiar… Indeed, he looks like the late Paula Yates. Is there anything “going on” about this Piet, that would suggest Illuminati agenda?

  • He was one of the founders of student association Cleopatra in Groningen, which is a student association aimed at students who would normally not join a student fraternity that quickly (more serious, alternative types). Several members of Cleopatra were also member of other student associations, but they wouldn’t tell the other members of Cleopatra this was the case. One might wonder if there was an agenda behind why the Cleopatra student association was set-up.
  • Dutch Piet works in ICT, mainly in the GGZ-sector. Information systems in the Mental Health Care system contain a lot of information that masonic types would be interested in. It seems Illuminati agenda to break down the patient doctor confidentiality standards in the Western world. Other companies Piet worked for are the Rutger Stichting, the banking sector, and in social housing.

So when there is a film made with Paula Yates, we recommend to invite Piet over for a screen test, as he might be a perfect casting for the film role of Paula Yates. The only thing needed is big earrings, make-up and a dress.

About maudoortwijn

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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12 Responses to Odd, some people look so much alike, for instance Paula Yates (UK) and Piet (NL)

  1. PP Paula Pot says:

    I heard Paula Yates was really a lesbian
    So all these marriages and affairs are fake
    Maybe even the children are kids with someone else?
    IVF for sure. Most Illuminati kids are IVF. They dont destroy the female body for having children. These people rent a healthy female for 9 months.

  2. Crazy Eyes says:

    lesbian bisexual who cares, these media types are all total sluts. that not a problem, at least the groupies have someone to fuck (the xtreme crazy women)…. that is an important role for celebrities, they keep the way too crazy occupied.

  3. Michael is Alive says:

    My guess is all Michael’s
    George Michael
    Michael Jackson
    Michael Hutchence

  4. Facts please says:

    Piet is not that tall.
    But is it a he or a she?
    They do transgender for sure, all of them.
    But is it a he or a she? That is the new challenge for normal people.
    Guessing if the celebrity in question is originally a he or a she.
    They likely all have several roles and switch sexe from time to time.
    It is what satan wants them to do. And they do what satan tells them to do. price of fame.
    So every day they wake up and wonder, shall we sacrifies some babies today and drink the blood or do another sexe change? They cant do both, because they dont like to work hard. And the answer is always: (no, not what would Jezus do or google say) What does Satan demand.

    By the way, Piet and Paula might be a she and do a pp sitting down.

  5. Facts please says:

    troubling trousers, that might be a trousers that men wear to hide the penis. trannie trousers.
    They really wear jeans and the penis must be worn backwards between the legs (behind) I guess.
    They are really fucking themselves. Why not wear a skirt or long sweaters?

  6. is zij familie says:

    is this family of them? the girl?
    when she is allowed on a podium like that, at that age already, very likely she is an illuminati child.
    so I would not be surprised

  7. PP Paula Pot says:

    tuurlijk zijn al die illuminati vrouwen lesbisch
    het is een vrouwenhaat clubje, dus je kijkt wel uit de doelgroep bij de mannen te zoeken
    als je vanaf de pubertijd focust op vrouwen, dan je dat mogelijk als voorkeur wel sturen

  8. NN says:

    Michael Hutchence is Margreet Ramaker.
    Zeker weten van yes.
    en dan kan je gelijk hebben met constantijntje
    want de vriendin van greet is een constantijn look alike
    nee serieus echt waar heus geen grappen
    je gelooft het niet maar het is wel zo

  9. Trannie Magrie says:

    al die kerels zijn ook trannie

  10. Trannie Magrie says:

    all these celebrities selling their fake love life to the fans, it is insane.
    I dont think they are in serious relationships, a they travel the world and fuck around like crazy.
    these are not entertainers but definitely a travelling hpv circus gosh o gosh

  11. NN says:

    yes, piet and paula look alike.
    they look more alike than chelsea manning and bonnie from how to get away with.
    so my guess would be piet and paula, but she must have a second celebrity job by now also?
    once you are into this celebrity life, you cant just do ict fulltime i guess.

  12. Piet Paulusma says:


    Paula Yates also looks a bit like Erin Brochovitz
    And a bit like Bonnie from HTGAWM

    so this is a standard face or something?

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