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Now wait? What is fake news? And what is censorship of independent opinions?

Fake news, we thought, was made-up news stories (hoaxes) in mainstream media and freemasons funded alternative media websites. It is often well-organized, well-planned, fully scripted. And many media “professionals” play their role in it. What the EU are trying to … Continue reading

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In de categorie “Wat iedere scholier leerde 50 jaar geleden” maar niemand nu weet.

Vogelsoorten in Nederland. Beginnersniveau.  

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Producten die niet gezond zijn …

Het negatief beinvloeden van de eetgewoontes van een volk, dat is een langzame degradatie van een volk. En onze eetgewoontes zijn duidelijk negatief beinvloed. Veertig jaar geleden aten de Nederlanders behoorlijk gezond. Witbrood was een uitzondering. Margarine boter Light produkten … Continue reading

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Hongerwinter, die is echt gebeurd. En iedereen die het meemaakte, weet het goed.

De laatste winter in de Tweede Wereldoorlog was een barre winter, hoewel niet eens bijzonder koud. Er reden in opdracht van Wilhelmina geen treinen meer. De Duisters reden hun eigen treinen over de gewoon werkende rails (nee, Wilhelmina gaf niet … Continue reading

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The number of people who deny the holocaust on Jews increases, so sad!

  We are aware that holocaust denial is a crime. As a website, we don’t like to take part in crimes. We notice, how more and more people on the internet do question the stories told about World War 2. … Continue reading

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The song “Living Doll”… what was that about?

Cliff Richard and the Young One’s. Living Doll. Some say the song is about drugging girls so she becomes “your girlfriend”. We are not sure, but it has some hints in that direction: freedom moped, living doll, the hammering down … Continue reading

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Eindtijd signalen? Subtiel.

Laatste seizoen van Game of Thrones met “final battle” tegen “the Death”. Na generatie X en Y, wordt nu gesproken over generatie Z. De laatste letter. Massa-immigratie, hoax aanslagen, bewust gecreerde culturele clash in Europa. We hebben nu een Zwarte … Continue reading

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When extra fake identities are maintained and supported by the government, what would be the effect?

Our social system can easily be used to finance one person through various identities. One person can rent multiple social houses under various names and even file for social benefits. They can live in Hungary, while being part-time here. Crimes … Continue reading

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What drives people who join satanism?

What is a satanic culture? They continuously tell lies about literally everything. That is a normal way of conversation for them. But what else? They have an endless need for attention and roles as celebrities provide it. They feel powerful … Continue reading

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Lies that no person will believe? True or False?

Some of the below statements are not true. Which statements are not true? Sarah Jessica Parker is a beautiful woman. Michael Jackson had a skin disease and his nose fell off. They went to the moon and back, but now … Continue reading

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Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger look so much alike, they could be siblings. But they are not.

  Brad Pitt. Best friends with George Clooney they said for a long time. But that’s over now. Brad and Jennifer is over as well. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is now over. Brad Pitt always reminded me of … Continue reading

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Transvestigation? Huh? Wat zijn dan de verschillen tussen mannen en vrouwen?

Hoe u denkt een vrouw te herkennen: Borsten. Maar die kunnen fake zin door implantaten of hormoonbehandeling. Zachtere huid. Ja. Maar foundation en hormoonbehandeling doen veel. Vrouwen zijn kleiner. Gemiddeld ja. Maar er zijn lange vrouwen en kleine mannen. Hoge … Continue reading

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