Tijd om een vergelijking te laten zien, die werkelijk niet kan zijn. Donald Trump & David Hasselhoff

  • 00 David-Hasselhoff-The-Brew-Project-San-Diegos-Best-Craft-Beer-Bar-Best-Happy-Hour-San-DiegoDavid Hasselhoff. We already noticed how his facial features resemble Jim Morrison of The Doors, who tragically died too young (27 years). It happened in Paris on the 3rd of July 1971. He is a member of Club 27.
  • David Hasselhoff. Born on July 17, 1952, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. A singer, actor, producer, and businessman, who set a Guinness World Record as the most watched man on TV (Baywatch, Nightrider etc.).
  • Donald Trump is now president of the USA, since January 20 2017. He was born on June 14, 1946. Before he became president, Trump already was a well-known businessman and tv 00 donaldtrumpexploratory19991personality.

Totally different people. They can not be the same person. Of course they move in similar circles, as the rich and famous simply do (don’t even deny it!).

Odd thing is, they do have similar facial features. We don’t notice it normally, as Donald Trump speaks with a certain accent. And he painted his face orange, while leaving the skin around his eyes white. The hair is totally different. Donald Trump does not have a hair style, which is typical for someone in his position of power.

And the pictures taken of Donald Trump, often show him with strong facial expressions (not the best look for winning a beauty contest or presidential campaign). Most of his pictures show him not smiling, but talking with compassion (lips out! eyes sad!). That’s not a standard portrait for a politician or businessman.

So far, our conclusion is: not the same person. But have a look at the eyes, the nose, the mouth. They would be a perfect example of how someone can look totally different, when painted either blond (with white skin) or a toned skin (Hasselhoff).

Left Donald Trump. Right David Hasselhoff. 


The ears are very different. The skin tone is different. The hair style. But they do share some facial features, like the eyes, mouth, nose, chin. The way they both keep their right eye a bit closed (and the left eye more open) when they concentrate on what they say.

We just want to train you in these comparisons, as we are fooled way to often as trusting people watching our televisions like it is real.

And no, as far as we know, Maud never met David Hasselhoff nor Donald Trump.


ps. David Hasselhoff supported Hillary Clinton during the elections…. so no? 

About maudoortwijn

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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9 Responses to Tijd om een vergelijking te laten zien, die werkelijk niet kan zijn. Donald Trump & David Hasselhoff

  1. illuminalama says:

    :German foreign office wishes David Hasselhoff happy birthday – while making dig at Trump

    The Foreign Office congratulated the pop singer in a short message for his birthday, thanking him with a tongue-in-cheek post for his alleged contributions to the reunification.

    The tweet read: “In times when walls are being built again, just remember the ones that were torn down: Happy birthday, @DavidHasselhoff!”

    Mr Hasselhoff, who gained fame in Germany performing his song ‘Looking for Freedom’ at the Berlin wall in 1989, turned 65 on 17 July.


    they are having a laugh at us. media knows.

  2. David Trump Falls says:

    why we didnot see that one coming?
    omg omg omg

    whwhahahahahahaaaa. yes indeed.

  3. NN says:



    Why didnot we see it before? It is there in our faces.

  4. jim morrison says:

    so Donald Trump sun of Trump family
    He played Jom Morrison and died.
    He played David Hasselhoff and got famous.
    Now he is president and has to make sure no1 realizes him being this all???
    yes i am afriad it is the case.

  5. Michael Prince Jackson says:

    And Michael Jackson really looks like prince….
    why have we been fooled like that?
    both died now…. the whole “opposites” and dispute???
    thats why they never sang together with band aid???
    or maybe?
    the new michael jackson looked like willem duys/ruis who cares van 5 against 5.

  6. Mija says:

    Het zijn gewoon mongolen.
    Prima, dat we de mensen die geen waarde kunnen toevoegen en de hele dag willen krijsen en vreten en neuken en afbreken, dat we die onderdak verschaffen en gratis een uitkering geven levenslang. maar geef ze dabn de status die ze verdienen: mongolen.

    Waarom moeten die lui altijd op TV? Niemand neemt ze echt serieus. Dat doen mensen gewoon om nog een beetje hun fatsoen te bewaren. Maar 90% vd Nederlanders kijkt ernaar en denkt wat een achterlijkheid. Maar daarna doen we de tv uit en gaan we weer gewoon naar ons werk.

    90% vd Nederlanders heeft geen respect voor wat ze op tv zien en bij de politiek enzo. Maar ze doen er niets aan. Daarmee laat je de mongolen in de waan dat ze effect hebben. Dat slaat nergens op. het wordt tijd dat we naar nutteoze mensen die zich belachelijk gedragen gewoon zeggen: idioot! ga werkloos thuis zitten met je gemiep. Want dat is het beste. De achterlijken moeten niet langer beleefd behandeld worden en een salaris krijgen alsof ze werk verrichten. Nee, die nuttelozen met nepbanen, die moeten gewoon thuis zitten door de staat betaald levenslang, want dat is wat een beschaving doet met de nuttelozen. Anders gaan de betere mensen gefrustreerd thuis zitten en dat zijn mensen die wel waarde toevoegen.

  7. NN says:

    yeah, and obama is played by slah from guns n roses.
    also, he is really guitarist jimmy hendrix who didnot die…..

    oke some is true but you cant just jumo to conclusions.

  8. NN says:

    they must be brothers

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