Niels van der Ploeg, the recent BREAK FREE story. A movie? Who could play the role best? Tom Dumoulin!

After Pim Fortuyn (Joost) and Edwin Takens (Arnie), another story about an albino visiting the royal family: Niels van der Ploeg (Tommie).


No seriously. Niels van der Ploeg (23) disappeared after working as a captain on a boat owned by King Willem-Alexander in the South of France. He died at sea. Sad. Listening to his story, we decided it is movie worthy. Again, it is not difficult to find the perfect casting: Tom Dumoulin. Who? The dark haired sportsman. Bikes and so on. Not an actor? We believe he can act.

It is a matter of changing the colours of the hair, the foundation and the facial hair. Add some black shades to Tom’s teeth and he suddenly is a look-alike for Niels. It would be so nice to have Niels’ life represented in a movie. Don’t you think?


Left Niels van der Ploeg. Right Tom Dumoulin. 

En profile, the shape of the nose, mouth and chin are similar. Also the jawlines look similar. Even the ears look similar.

Left Niels van der Ploeg. Right Tom Dumoulin.

Though the face looks very different due to the colours, the shape of the mouth, chin, jaws and nose are similar. Also, the blond hair looks a bit fake, to be honest.


If not for the colour of the hair and the skin, they could be twins. So for a movie role, the casting of Tom Dumoulin is perfect for the role of Niels van der Ploeg. It requires only a change in colour of hair and foundation. Both are sportsman, so Tom will understand it.

About maudoortwijn

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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19 Responses to Niels van der Ploeg, the recent BREAK FREE story. A movie? Who could play the role best? Tom Dumoulin!

  1. Marc says:

    Ook idd een weer wazig verhaal en ook weer verdacht dicht bij in die kringen dit kan geen toeval meer zijn misschien te veel gezien tijdens de reis.? GR MARK

  2. Kritisch says:

    Why are you posting these stories. I can understand that Maud wants to end this. This has nothing to do with the problems Maud has undergone.

  3. Kritisch says:

    Why are you posting these story’s? This has nothing to do with what happened to Maud. I understand Why she wants to close this site.

  4. Marc says:

    Only negativisme gr mark

  5. Barry White Rabbit says:

    je moet de foto’s zwart wit maken dan zien de mensen het makkelijker.
    devormen zijn identiek van de twee mannen, de kleuren zijn echt anders.

  6. Barry White Rabbit says:

    dit is wel peter kelder hoor.

  7. Em says:

    nope. I have decided These 2 are brothers or nephews not the same.

    • Marc says:

      Er zijn gelijkenissen .Maar ja in die wereld doen ze aan kruisbestuiving denk ik dan krijg je dat dat.teveel van hetzelfde is nog nooit goed geweest dan kun je alleen nog in de media terecht tussen je broers en zussen gr mark

    • Em says:

      I mean the Hans Vanvonderen and Anthony type.
      They are brothers or nephews.
      the 2 above are the same type, exactly, twins or so.

      • Marc says:

        Yeh its.all illuminatie.twins .the play 10 rolls on a day. That is what the y do.all shit stuff .better.than goede tijden slechte tijden comes.their niveau not mark

  8. Jimmy is Back says:

    But anyone who knows these guys must know.
    Of course they all know.
    Apartheid between those that know and those who are left behind.
    My guess it is what makes them FEEL superior.
    As long as you dont share knowledge, you can feel superior to others.
    As a country, it is not helping us forward.
    We might as well block women and labourers from education systems, cause why bother.

  9. Jimmy is Back says:

    How do they raise their daughters?
    Their daughters must be constantly surrounded by the same guys that protect her.

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