Janis Joplin, groundbreaking as the first woman in rock, and she continued …

JanisCrazy idea. But let’s give it a thought, at least we owe that to both of them. Joplin and Aday.  

The first woman succesful in rock: Janis Joplin.

She was groundbreaking. Amazing voice. Unfortunately we see the 1984 “peace-sign” as well. Mason. Born in Texas on 19 January (911) in 1943.

She is said to have died in LA on October 4 in 1970, due to an heroine overdoses.


She was found dead in her hotel room, due to an heroïne overdoses. That same week, several other people who bought heroine from the same dealer, also died. Unclear is why that happened. If this is also (we are not sure, not at all) turns out to be a hoax, we believe it is not as bad as the other hoaxes we have been fed. As in 1970, making a decision like this secretly, is understandable. And the story of Janis Joplin’s death has not been milked, like with some other artists.



Meatloaf. Marvin Aday (later Michael Aday) is both actor and musical performer. He was born in September 27 in 1947 in Dallas (Texas). Perhaps a mason, as he claims to have seen JFK on the day he died at the airport in Dallas, but did not see him leaving the car at the hospital he was brought to. My guess is, they didnot allow anyone near any site that day, unless they considered them insiders.



Meatloaf played in the movie Fightclub (1999) and his role of Bob had some transgender issues already in it, since Bob had female breasts (picture above left). It makes us wonder. His career on the screen started in 1975. His first records is from 1971.



What if Paradise by the dashboard light is really about a transgender decision? 

  • Come on, what’s it’s gonna be, boy, yes or no. 
  • We were glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife…
  • What’s it’s gonna be, boy? yes or no?
  • You got it drowning down the radio. [Meatloaf was out a few years]  
  • I’ve been waiting so long for you to come along and have some fun…
  • No you’re never gonna regret it… 
  • ……………
  • Though it’s cold and lonely in the deep dark night…
  • I can see paradise by the dashboard light.

Both are from Texas, so the accents are the same. About the same age. When Janis died in 1970, next year Meatloaf really started his career, with a first album in 1971. He had some extra weight, which is uncommon in the musical industry. The voices and musical style are also similar. Even the hair is similar. Yet, totally different types. It could even be the other way around.



Crazy idea, so maybe it was just a thought experiment. But then again, Janis Joplin and Michael Aday both seem like the kind of person who would do as they want.

Come on Janis, if you are still out there. After groundbreaking work at least two times in your career, come on and expose the shitty culture behind the music industry. It is about time. 

About maudoortwijn

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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69 Responses to Janis Joplin, groundbreaking as the first woman in rock, and she continued …

  1. Joran vd Sloot is says:


  2. Joran vd Sloot is says:

    Coortney Love also, could really be a guy. Those big red lips, too dark eyes. yes.

  3. Etan Patz says:

    Looking at all the evidence, this also proofs that Etan Patz plays Spencer Reid.
    They look similar. The whole show is off. So why not assume Etan Patz is one of those cases.
    He really looks like Matthew Gray Gubler. Moreover, Matthew backwards almost equals Etan.


  4. Etan Patz says:

    everything about Matthew Gray Gubler says extreme attention seeker.
    so it fits the bill. allegedly. we wonder. but seriously wonder.

  5. Etan Patz says:


    That is Spencer Reid as a kid. Etan Patz. What you think?
    This is USA TV so everything in it is fake.

  6. Buur van says:

    Masonry, foreplace, skull, treehouse…. we got it.

  7. UN iTed says:

    Lets start a poll. Who votes for what comparison.

    Is Dame Edna playing Fritzl from Austria, the perfect dad in the basement?

    He has got the blunt factor going thats for sure. Maud, you know wink wink . Is he in there?
    cu later gator. Like that programme on television. Vote yes or no it isnt

  8. Kim Wall found says:

    Yes, Dame Edna is Fritzl.
    Yes, Matt Damon is Marc Dutroux.
    Yes, Eddie Cahill is Kurt Cobain.
    Yes, George Bush jr is a fake Serial Killer and Cult leader.
    Yes, Joran vd Sloot is Penelope Garcia.

    Open up the eyes people. It is all fake. The worst crimes that are committed, never make it to TV. Mainly the fake crimes do, just to throw us all off track. .

  9. Kim Wall found says:


    Janis Joplin is Meatloaf. Thats the music industry. You have to give up something important, to get a podium, even if you have the most amazing voice on earth. Talent comes secondary, offering the goods and showing you are a demon, thats most important.

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