Monica Lewinksy – She is back and I believe she is again here to fake it all.


Monica Lewinsky

Why was she even news in 1998?  And more importantly, was she news in 1998 so she could be back during the final phases of World War 3? 

Why was she worldwide news in 1998? 

The scandal started to unfold in January 1998, the same time I was heading to Nepal to do voluntary work. To me the scancal seemed ridiculous from the start. Why did the media suddenly make a problem, where they ignore so many other bigger issues (read: lies)?

  • What kind of woman has sex with her (married) boss: at the workplace !!!
  • What kind of woman keeps a dress in her closet with a man’s sperm on it?
  • Why is the press suddenly on top of this? They ignore so many real scandals!
  • She is Jewish. Aren’t Jews dominant in the media sector and protecting their image? Is she serving some Jewish agenda? Otherwise her sex life would be ignored, right?
  • Why would a political system of any country allow a politcal leader to be exposed to public sharing of intimate details of consensueal sexual activities: literally quoting what exactly they had done. They could have handled it discretely, but did not. Why?
  • The story was first brought by journalist Matt Drudge, a journalist from Washington, whose parents both worked for the federal government. How about that?
  • The media circus was just enormous.

Monica Lewinsky and Matt Drudge are two totally uninteresting people, who went cheap to become famous. She is Paris Hilton without the looks and money. Who’s agenda is it?

In 2015 Monica Lewinsky is again seeking the spotlights

Now in 2015 she is back, when the programme for the NWO reaches its last phase (its final phase, I hope). Lewinsky was in the news in 1998, when the programme started. She is back again in 2015. It might have something to do with the Clinton candidacy. I believe Monica will be positioned as some sort of thought leader in “scandal management”. Why else was it such an enormous scandal? Why else would she be allowed back? It is so easy to have someone fully ignored by the media, but she is not. It might even be the reason the 1998 scandal took place, just to have her re-emerge in 2015. We will soon see.

  • Is she supposed to help push internet sensorship? (link)
  • Will she be invited to “explain” scandals that are about to come out? (like Cosby)
  • She uses her experience to discuss “nude leak“, yet Monica decided herself to bring intimate details of her private life to the media, which in the end brought her fame. Not in any way is her own situation comparable to the crimes committed in “nude leaks”.

I am wondering what agenda she serves. Do I trust this? No! It was already odd in 1998.

Somehow the history of the West is enormously influenced by Jewish and Muslim powers. Why is that? Most people in the West never even visited the Middle East. 

About maudoortwijn

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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One Response to Monica Lewinksy – She is back and I believe she is again here to fake it all.

  1. JimmydePimmy says:

    Monica is een sletje dat graag beroemd wilde worden. Dat is gelukt. De vraag is waarom het gelukt is, want niemand wilde dat hele verhaal horen. De media bleef er maar over doorgaan. Tja, dan gaan de simpele zielen wereldwijd grapjes maken. Het zegt wat over de simpele zielen. Het zegt wat over de media. Het zegt wat over Monica. Vooral zegt het wat over de politiek (want die dicteert de media). Kennelijk zijn de eigenaren achter de politiek gehecht aan een sletje in de media dat wereldwijd wordt afgezeken. Ze zal wel een functie krijgen. Het lijkt me echt een sletje dat doet wat er van haar verwacht wordt. Leuk voor je Monica. Zorg je wel dat je er genoeg voor betaald krijgt?

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