Wing suit flying hoax: How do they do it?

  • These climers do jump off a cliff, wearing a wingsuit and a parachute. The wingsuit might help to make sure they get away from the cliff edge. Before they are at 300 metres altitude, they will open a parachute and land as expected. The location will be not too far from where they started the (parachute) base jump.
  • All shots where you see them actually jumping off a cliff, as in 1:28s in the video, stop after a few seconds film, during which we see them base jumping downwards as expected (due to gravity on earth). There is no footage of a person jumping off the cliff, going down and then up again, because: it is not possible in a wingwuit like this.
  • At 3:47s we see someone jumping off the cliff and opening a parachute after a few seconds (3:52s). This is all they do! (And that in itself is an extreme sport)
  • Other film shots are likely made by drones; while paragliding; or taken with a camera turned a 90 degrees angle. The story of extreme sporters as “wingsuit pilots” is a hoax.
  • So Dean Potter and Graham Hunt did not die after flying for 30 to 45 seconds in a wingsuit. We are being lied to by park rangers, media and socalled extreme sporters.

Why this is not possible, while paragliding is? For 3 main reasons. 1) The “wings” are not large enough, compared to the weight of the body. 2) The wings are attached to the parachutist directly, which will put too much pressure on the body (in case the wings would be large enough to fly). 3) the cliff itself is not high/steep enough.

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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13 Responses to Wing suit flying hoax: How do they do it?

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  2. Hey crazy bitch, I fly myself and this is N O T a hoax!

    • maudoortwijn says:

      show me the proof or leave this site.

    • Bewijs het! Hoe kan het! Show me the proof or leave this site.

      Helaas hoor Maud. Je begint met dit soort van pertinente onzin overduidelijk te bewijzen dat je vele maatschappelijke mislukkingen in het verleden weldegelijk alleen nog maar met je gesprongen verbindingen tussen de oren te maken hebben gehad! Jammer dat je nooit op mijn avances durfde in te gaan, maar met wat meer mannelijke genegenheid ventileren de holtes daar in je bovenkamer allicht tot wat meer mentale gezondheid? OMG! BRON

    • maudoortwijn says:

      Ik geloof dat parachute springen bestaat. Ik geloof ook dat je een pak met vleermuismouwen daarbij kan dragen. Het zal misschien bijdragen aan het manoeuvreren in de lucht tijdens de sprong.

      Ik geloof alleen niet dat iemand van 250m hoogte kan springen om vervolgens ineens 800m horizontaal “te vliegen” op basis van aerodynamica van vleermuismouwen. No way!

      Jij claimt dat je met dit vleermuispak sneller kan (qua landafstand gemeten) dan met een deltavlieger? Bewijs het! Hoe kan het!


    Blijkbaar niet.

    • maudoortwijn says:

      Ja, ik heb wel eens gehoord van aerodynamica. Daarmee kan je de richting van een bewegend lichaam (voorwerp/voertuig etc) bijsturen. Als je van een klif naar beneden valt, dan werkt de zwaartekracht op je. Na enkele seconden val je te pletter vanaf 250 meter hoogte. Je hebt dan enkele seconden de tijd om met behulp van aerodynamica jezelf enkele meters van de bergwand te “glijden” op lucht, terwijl je valt. Na die paar seconden heb je hopelijk voldoende ruimte om je heen, om een parachute te openen.

      Vliegen op basis van aerodynamica is ook mogelijk (zoals een vlieger of een zweefvliegtuig) mits a) je hoog genoeg bent om opwaartse lucht te vangen, b) je gewicht laag is in verhouding tot het vleugeloppervlakte. Beide is hier niet van toepassing.

  4. The fact that you think that modern wingsuit proximity flying is fake is really funny, I know a few wingsuit BASE jumpers and they would not try to fake it to get views on some youtube video, in fact many of them would prefer there not to be any video at all, they do it for there own enjoyment. Dean Potter most certainly died from at least flying for more than 30 seconds, the cliff he left was some 4000ft high, modern wingsuits can get flying in about 100m now days and trust me they produce some really good glide ratios now, think most of them can do 1:4 meaning very meter you drop you go 4 meters forward. And before you tell me that the aerodynamics is impossible, I am a Mechanical engineer who studied a great deal in fluid dynamics, nothing is wrong here with the theory of how these wingsuits fly. I invite you to go watch some more wingsuit videos on youtube, and also go try find some RAW wingsuit BASE footage it isn’t hard to find. If you still believe its all fake then you are just one of those people where it does’t matter how much evidence you have against your case you will still stick to your completely incorrect theory.

  5. Still not understanding the problem here, 1) 200 meters is more than enough to get a wingsuit flying 2) by your supplied height, they had close on 1000m of vertical height, which could easily make a flight for more than 40 seconds, I’ve personally watched people jump off 900m and get over 30 seconds of flight time in a wingsuit 3) not sure where you read they had 30 seconds of flight time before they impacted, all I read was that they were flying a new line and trying to clear a ridge. 4) I have many friends who were close to Dean and this is the first time I’ve hearing a “conspiracy theory” about his death, trust me if something was weird about what was reported the BASE jumping and climbing community would be making one hell of a noise right now. 5) here is a great RAW clip of a wingsuit flight, that shows two things really well; how fast the wingsuit can start flying and the distance it can cover, if you think this video is fake then you really need some help.

    I also read through that little article in the link you shared above and you really need to understand a few things. A wingsuit when flying has the horizontal speed of about 120mph, also the person who heard them crash, only heard them crash she never saw them, she was their lookout. It is Illegal to BASE jump in US national parks, there were no spectators. It is not strange that both of them didn’t pull their chutes, they were trying to clear ridge this means that they were probably to low to deploy there parachutes and all they were trying to do was clear the ridge because then over that they would be enough height to deploy. Similar thing happened last year in Switzerland to three of the best wingsuit BASE jumpers in the world. So I really think you need to do a bit more research into two things; what wingsuits are really capable of in terms of flight and what happened in this incident.

  6. maudoortwijn says:

    Paragliding does exist. With paragliding the maximum speed is 25 km / hour. The chute is about 25 square metres. A two persons paragliding chute can be as large as 40 square metre. Why? Because the size of the chute needs to increase with the weight attached (1 or 2 persons).

    Wing suits work on the same system als paragliding chutes. What I have seen on the video… 2 square metres of chute maximum on these wingsuits? (or birdsuits, as they like to call them)

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