BREAKING FLIGHT 9252: What happened a minute before the plane crashes into the mountain?

images (1)Flight 9252 leaves Barcelona airport with no problems at all. When they reach higher altitude, the automatic pilot is programmed in. At 10.27h the captain opens the cockpit door to go to the bathroom. Immediately after, the automatic pilot is programmed for a descent that will crash the plane in 13 minutes. At 10.33h the captain tries to open the cockpit door again, but it remains locked. While the plane further descends, the captain tries to find ways to get the door open. At 10.40h there is a violent bang outside, the plane shakes once, followed by the plane hitting a mountain (?) with its right wing. After this, the plane simply continues intact, except for the screaming of passengers and the alarm. At 10.41h the plane hits the mountain full frontal. Gone.

What could have happened in that last minute before the crash? 

  1. The official story: the right wing hits a mountain (the plane hits something).
  2. The aircraft is attacked by a missile or another airplane (an outside-in force).
  3. Co-pilot Lubitz damages the plane one minute before parking it into a mountain.
  4. The captain tries to enter the cockpit using extreme force (damaging the plane).

We will discuss these four options below, before presenting a fifth untradition option.

1. The official story: the right wing hits a mountain [no!]

It sounds like a reasonable theory, untill you think about it. The wings of an A320 are filled with fuel. When they hit a mountain this hard, the plane likely a) clashes onto the mountain and b) catches fire. Have a look at the sloop of the mountain they fly into: How can anything hit it and just continue (it is not a tree or small object). None of the witnesses on the ground describe this. Moreover, upstream no parts of the wings were found. While they did find some part of the fuselage (main body). After the “voilent bang” the plane seems to continue in one piece, except for some small parts of the fuselage.

2. Co-pilot Lubitz damages the plane [no!]

lubitz-thumbnailWhy would Lubitz do this? According to the official story, he is about to crash the plane into a mountain. He is already looking straight at that mountain at that precize time. A second attack is unnecessary. It would also require him to prepare beforehand an additional attack on the plane all by himself. As a co-pilot he would not have needed to bring on the plane an additional bomb or anything else. It is not smart. It would only increase the risk of getting caught. Moreover, Lubitz didnot know beforehand that on this flight this particular pilot would leave the cockpit to go to the bathroom. So he could not have known beforehand he’d have an opportunity to crash this plane on March 24 2015. And to state the obvious: he could have instead just manually crashed the plane immediately down if he wanted to. Lubitz did not need to crash the plane with the automatic pilot on. It did crash with the automatic pilot on.

3. The aircraft is attacked by an outside force [no!]

None of the witnesses describe to have seen this happening, even though they were watching the plane (because it was flying very low). It does not make sense. The violent bang does not crash the plane. The plane is in fact about to crash, which is visible for anyone. Why would this third party need an additional outside-in violent attack? If it would have been caused by an outside party, they’d be absolutely stupid to reveal themselves in a second (unnecessary) attack. No missile nor plane-to-plane fire is fired.

The black box does not mention how cabin pressure is a problem. When a bomb or missile hits the aircraft, immediately cabin pressure becomes an issue. That did not happen.

Moreover, it would be too much of a coincidence for a third party working with the co-pilot to be able to apply a second outside-in attack exactly when the plane is about to go down anyway. How would they have planned that? The downing of the 9252 is started when the captain decides to leave the cockpit to go to the bathroom. Impossible!

4. The captain tries to enter the cockpit using extreme force [how?]

I can not think of anything a normal (non-terrorist) pilot can do to cause all this. A force this big (like a small explosion) to open the cockpit door, should have been noted as such on the Cockpit Voice Recorder. The voicerecorder records a voilate bang “outside”. It also does not explain the simultaniously heavy “shock/turbulance”, seemingly caused close to the right wing. I can not think of anything that would explain how this “bang outside” could potentially be used to open the cockpit door.

The cockpit doors have been reënforced to make sure it is not possible to open them, using a weapon a potential terrorist can carry nor with anything on the plane. So why think the captain -who is supposedly not prepared for this- would be able to open this door? Yet even if so, it would have been heard on Cockpit Voice Recorder. There was no mention of it on the Voice Recorder script. It was a violent noise outside.

When the above 4 options are unthinkable, are there options left?  A “voilent bang” heard outside, not caused by an outside force? It shakes the plane once suddenly? It is visible from the ground and looks like a small explosion? A small part of the fuselage is found upstream, while the rest of the plane flies intact untill it crashes against the mountain and scatters? I considered all options over and over again. The answer?

A sudden strong force applied inside out: an ejection seat! An ejection seat is a system designed to rescue the pilot or other crew of an aircraft (usually military) in an emergency. In most Ejectionseatdesigns, the seat is propelled out of the aircraft by an explosive charge or rocket motor, carrying the pilot with it. The concept of an ejectable escape crew capsule has also been tried. Once clear of the aircraft, the ejection seat deploys a parachute. Ejection seats are common on certain military aircraft. Traffic airplanes do not have these options, so it should have been build custom-made for this airplane and this passenger.

This (though it sounds odd) is the only explanation I can think of that matches with all the data, including witness reports and the Cockpit Voice Recording.

Are they really that crazy? Yes, I know for certain they are crazy enough to do this. That should be the last reason for you to doubt this theory. In fact, ejection cabins are designed exactly for situation like this: To let the crew escape when the plane goes down.

The fifth theory matches the eye witness reports on the ground, stating how the plane was flying low with no visible defect. Just before it hits the mountains, witnesses saw an explosion and some smoke. Then the plane crashed into the mountain. Moreover, some people found parts of the fuselage upstream the crash site. This could be part of the captain’s escape route. The timing of it is perfect: just before the plane goes down.

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5 Responses to BREAKING FLIGHT 9252: What happened a minute before the plane crashes into the mountain?

  1. Vogeltjewatzingjelaat says:

    Maud, Heb je ook nagedacht over waarom precies die plek? Ik kan niets online vinden waarom dit een “symbolische plek” zou zijn. Als die piloot de exacte plek kon kiezen (de co-pilot kon dat niet) dan moet het wel een bepaalde symbolische waarde hebben voor de zeer gewaardeerde wereld elite dames en heren.

  2. Jim de Pim says:

    Ach, birdie. Het zal wel een pas zijn die Hannibal de gehaktbal met zijn olifanten gepasseerd is ergens op zijn geniale overgang door de Alpen. Dat was immers ook een strijd in de Oudheid tussen Rome (de Romeinen) en Noord-Afrika (Hannibal en zijn cluppie). Dat verhaal van Hannibal daar hebben ze het nu nog over, want de oude veldslagen dat vinden ze mooi. Misschien? Ik vind online verschillende routes voor Hannus met zijn olifanten. Een grijs/wit vliegtuig met een vliegtuigslurf en de elite kan weer mooie een avond zich vermaken met goedkope grappen over hoe jolig 148, 149 of 150 Europeaanse stumpers naar de andere wereld geholpen zijn (aantal afhankelijk van wat je gelooft).

    Sonderheimer begon zijn vliegcarriere toch bij Condor? Het zal me een mooie aasgier zijn als die gast uberhaupt bestaat. En sinds een jaar vloog ie voor Germanwings, want die doen alleen korte vluchten. Het zal me niet verbazen als deze flippo voor 2014 een andere naam had en alleen bij Germanwings is komen werken om dit truukje aan de elite te laten zien. Ik hoop dat ie gezellig met Osama bin Laden ergens een saai onbewoond eiland mag gaan bewonen. Ik wil een foto van die tweede piloot zien, anders geloof ik het niet en blijf ik hem beledigen (sorry en condoleances als ik me vergis, maar geen foto is sowieso niet geloven).

  3. Jim de Pim says:

    Barcelonette. Hannibal, Wat ik je brom.

  4. Vogeltjewatzingjelaat says:

    Jim, nu je het zegt. Ik meen van een vakantie te herinneren dat ook Napolean in de Franse Alpen heeft rondgetrokken. Dus als er een bergpassage is bij Barcelonette waar zowel een Napoleon als een Hannibal in de buurt zijn geweest, dan zullen de jongens en meisjes van de Illuminti glunderen, als ze daar wat jonge gezinnetje mogen offeren.

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