Just a coffee in one of my favorits: ‘café Koosje’ in Amsterdam (deel 1)

My internet didn’t work last week. I now know, it was again sabotaged and this time likely by a KPN mechanic, who was supposed to fix it. I called for help again (third time), but this mechanic refused to even have a look at the wiring. So I did what every sensible girl would do: I went into the basement myself and fixed it. Of course I am better at this than 3 KPN mechanics together (yes, Telco KPN ‘fixed-it’, 3 times in one month, not!).

It all started years ago. In Dec. 2000 I was in Bangkok and became a witness.

Last week, I was still using café Koosje as my internet hotspot. Just a coffee. It’s a nice place. When I sit there for two hours or so, ‘they’ keep an eye out. Perhaps to make sure I don’t leave the country? I have no idea. It’s not like I am dealing drugs or anything.

SAM_5725So on just an average day, what do I see from my favorit table near the window?

remember this guy? (link 1)  

remember this guy? (link 2

and remember this guy? (link 3

This is how tax money is spend.

SAM_5912 pijl SAM_5910 pijl

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