Why not investigate royalty at all?

Why not investigate royalty at all? After all, they keep us under surveillance too (link 1).

Claus en Salomons 487104_253259918136566_1359240812_nOver the years several witnesses have come forward claiming how members of the Dutch royal family are involved in aggressive pedophile sex and even murder.

  • The rolodex witness: about prince Claus and Frits Salomonson (link)
  • Maud Oortwijn: about half the members of our royal family (link)
  • Ex-wife of Van K. family: about prince Friso, Mabel and Queen Beatrix (link)
  • Schadwald evidence: at least two Dutch royalty (link)
  • Toos Nijenhuis: about prince Bernard (link) and confirmed by 2nd witness (link)

These witnesses are not talking about one unfortunate event on one drunken night… I can not understand why the general public accepts that a) either these ‘false testimonies’ are made public, damaging the image of our nation, or, b) serious human rights issues are tolerated because of the ‘royal status’. Those involved are still representing our nation. And the witnesses, they either are real and thus victims, or they are fake in order to lure real victims into their arms. It is one of two. And both are not ok.

Whatever your level of awareness on these issues: you all should demand an investigation.

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2 Responses to Why not investigate royalty at all?

  1. De meeste mensen weten dit allemaal niet. Die geloven dus echt alles, alles gelove ze.

  2. Maud, loop je geen risico als je dit post? Nee he, want je zegt niet dat het zo is, je zegt dat het ondevzocht moet worden. zo is het. het is gewoon raar in die familie. Maxima lijkt me wel leuk, maar die Mabel is ook zo raar.

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